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Magnetic sensor / Digital pressure sensorProfessional design and development process
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LYDTEK-Professional production, has been committed to customers for 16 years.
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Continuous innovation to provide customers with various solutions.
A multi-purpose, single integration and multi-function.
Frequency response
We have always used the best electrical strain gauges to ensure the core quality of the sensor.
Product warranty
Quality assurance layer by layer quality inspection, strict control.
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Professional manufacturers, the absolute advantage of unit price and performance.
LYDTEK Always working on magnetic sensors / digital pressure sensorsYour satisfaction is our constant law of growth
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Since its establishment, Shenzhen Liyida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has adhered to the four principles of "integrity, quality, efficiency, and service" and has received the support of many customers for Liyida to gradually grow. Professional technology, timely education, reasonable management, and customer recognition have made Liyida today.

Since its establishment in 2004, Liyida has adhered to high-standard production technology and perfect quality as its strategy for market competition, ...

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