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About Li Yida
About Li Yida
corporate culture

Quality Policy:

Backed by the best quality service; centered on high-efficiency control; and then meet your needs and achieve our sustainable development. The quality policy is our basic requirement for continuous education and implementation of deep roots for all employees of the company. This policy will serve as the highest guideline of our management system to achieve sustainable quality goals.

Operational goals:

Zero defect is Liyida's quality goal; continuous innovation is Liyida's constant belief. We provide the best products and services to our partners.

Company Culture:

Professionalism, integrity, service, responsibility

Corporate Vision:

Continue to provide all customers with the latest and highest quality products; accompanied by our highest quality and sincere service.

"Perfect quality and professional service are the invariable rules that lead us to success" has also been the firm belief of Liyida's internal management. Our quality control has been following the "5S" for a long time. Now we have upgraded the level of 5S to make it "Sales", "Saving", "Safety", "Standardization" and "Satisfaction" etc. Provide you with better products and quality services. We fully understand that the long-term mutual trust cooperation relationship must be established on the premise of your satisfaction; and to achieve your satisfaction, we must make more efforts in quality control and after-sales service. Production of products that you can trust and continuous improvement of management quality are the goals that Liyida will never relax.

Efficiency is the basic commitment of Leyida to customers

Quality is the fundamental guarantee for customers