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Operation principle and device of magnetic switch Release date: 2019-11-27 / Views: 5012
With contact type (REED SW.type)


With contact type (REED SW.type)

When the pneumatic cylinder is actuated and the magnet in the device approaches the magnetic switch, the magnetic reed switch in the magnetic switch will sense the change of the magnetic field, so that the contacts of the magnetic reed switch are closed to conduct the circuit.

Magnetic switch sensor (also known as reed switch)

1. Small size and light weight, suitable for space-constrained environments

2. Combined with a permanent magnet, it can be easily made into a proximity switch; no interference from external debris

3. The quality of the moving parts is extremely small, and the moving speed is fast (200HZ, 200 times per second); it is most suitable for high frequency transmission applications.

4. The product has a long service life, and can be used for a wide range of magnetic switches up to 5 million times under normal use. Industrial equipment air cylinder detection, liquid level fluid detection, rotation speed detection, anti-theft device detection Household appliances, such as automobile Denso, electronic rice cooker, electronic thermos, etc.


Shenzhen Liyida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. attaches importance to the stability and professional technical support of magnetic switch products, and has been recognized by customers in the fields of injection molding machine robots, packaging machinery and equipment, zipper machinery and equipment, and automatic testing fixtures. Magnetic switches are related to the quality of machinery and equipment, the smoothness of customer production lines, and the improvement of production capacity.